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Course fees & conditions for 2020

Rates 2020

The following rates are per individual lesson. One session corresponds to a single, individual lesson.

Individual lessons can be taken once a week or twice a week at the mentioned rates.


One-on-one sessions:


Level: A1-A2 60 minutes/session: CHF 80.00 for weekly sessions 10x 60min = CHF 800.00
Level: B1 – C2 60 minutes/session: CHF 90.00 for weekly sessions 10x 60min = CHF 900.00
General 90 minutes/session: CHF 140.00 for weekly sessions 10x 90min = CHF 1´400.00


Group sessions:

Rates depend on group size and length per session.


Level: A1-A2 60 minutes/session:three or more students  CHF 40.00 p.p. for weekly sessions
Level: B1 – C2 60 minutes/session:three or more students CHF 50.00 p.p. for weekly sessions
General 90 minutes/session:three or more CHF 60.00 p.p.  for weekly sessions


Intercultural communication: is part of the language courses and will be integrated into the sessions once a basic understanding of the German language and culture has been accomplished.


For those customers who prefer to take a “block of consecutive sessions” with an upfront payment for the entire amount of those sessions, certain discounts may apply.

Payment Terms

All individual lessons: cash or invoice prior to each session.